Small Snack, Huge Pleasure   

 Small Snack, Huge Pleasure 

Anybody who wants diversity and variety in finger food and snacks just has to choose the Frostkrone Food Group. Its selection, extended by popular product ideas every year, ranges from small, exquisite finger food through trendy snack ideas and delicious creations of cream cheese right up to practical pizza pockets for the oven and microwave, not forgetting a choice of potato snacks. The Company Group’s finger food and snacks, found in supermarket freezers, with discounters, in the food service sector and at snack stations, are available almost everywhere in Europe and in parts of the USA and Asia. 

Seven production locations worldwide are run by the Frostkrone Food Group. And when it comes to new developments, this segment’s innovation driver can rely on 20 years of experience and a fantastic feel for trends. 

Extraordinarily Trendy 

Innovate Foods Ltd, too, has been part of the Company Group since 2020. This British business, located in Kirkcaldy/Scotland, is one of the major finger food manufacturers in Great Britain and boasts cutting-edge facilities operating with two production lines. 

Innovate Foods has just launched a new brand on the market: with “Now This Is Cheesy!”, the company marries together all the delights of cheese as handy and practical finger food. 

The new brand appeals, above all, to the young target group that enjoys a huge variety of finger food when gaming together or going to small parties or spending an evening in front of the television. But families, too, are really sold on this product range. Especially when there is not so much time, Now This Is Cheesy! is the answer, serving up enjoyment and relaxation into the bargain. Everyone wants a slice of this kind of cake! So Much Cheese 

The new brand offers four vegetarian flavours. 

Now This Is Cheesy! Halloumi Fries like this are unique. The sticks of aromatic halloumi cheese are enveloped in a crispy golden batter, tempura-style. 

With Now This Is Cheesy! the Cheese ‘O’S variety meets cheese on hearty onion rings, filled with creamy Monterey Jack, Cheddar cheese and finely chopped red onions in a crispy breaded coating. 

The “Now This Is Cheesy!” Mozzarella Sticks are simply a must-have for all cheese lovers. Melt-in-the-mouth mozzarella cheese is wrapped in a crispy coating of breadcrumbs. 

Yet another irresistible delight – the “Now This Is Cheesy!” Mac & Cheese Bites: creamy, cheeselicious macaroni enveloped in a crispy coating made of rice flakes. 

The products, still deep-frozen, go into the oven for a few minutes and can then be eaten straight away. They are also suitable for the fryer. 

Tony Dumbreck, Managing Director of Innovate Foods Ltd, is absolutely convinced of the following: “Anybody who enjoys cheese is going to love “Now This Is Cheesy!”. 

Up until now the products have been available in Great Britain from Ocado and also in several European countries in the food retail trade. Within the next few months, Innovate Foods is planning to extend the range of this brand by adding more tasty flavours. 

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