Comments on Plan B. Small business owners around the UK.

Debbie Porter
Managing Director at Destination Digital Marketing
“We have only just got back on the straight and narrow operationally after a series of poorly timed lockdowns that did too little too late to control Covid and so dragged on for longer than they should have. We are being asked to wait week by week for developments, with a week’s notice to figure out how to respond to whatever comes around the next corner. Except for this announcement of course where we have tomorrow and Friday to work out how to rearrange our business operations.”
Graham Cox
Founder & Director at Hub FS Limited
“Allegra Stratton has done the right and honourable thing by resigning. Unfortunately Boris has no such sense of shame. The party was in number 10, yet he seriously expects us to believe he knew nothing about it. It beggars belief. I think Plan B and Omicron will finish many businesses off unfortunately, particularly in the hospitality trade. And house prices may well fall, in the short term at least. Particularly if interest rates rise later this month.”
Gary Parsons
Managing Director at Talk Staff
“We’ve been preparing our clients and the wider community for this eventuality for some time now, as many businesses have previously reverted back to traditional office working and not introduced policies such as hybrid working. However, those that have positively embraced hybrid and remote-working are at risk of seeing employees struggle with wellbeing through difficult times like this, with our own research finding that the majority of people have felt pressure to keep on working whilst sick at home.”
Paul Asbridge
Director at Jam Hot Worldwide Productions Ltd
“Let’s hope we’re the entertainment that Boris books to perform at the No.10 Christmas party this year, because all of the other events in our diary are dropping like flies.”


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