Stand: Halal Market, Passage 2/4

Anuga Halal Market to present the diversity of halal foods and beverages

The world’s leading trade fair for the food and beverage industry will provide a targeted format for the halal market

Halal-certified foods, which are foods that may be consumed under Islamic dietary law, have been gaining traction in the food industry for some time now. More and more halal products are entering the conventional food retail market – including in Europe. With the Anuga Halal Market in Hall 4.1, the world’s leading trade fair for the food and beverage industry, hosted from 9 to 13 October 2021, will provide a targeted format for the halal market.

Staged in the form of shop shelves at the point of sale, the Anuga Halal Market covers the entire halal sector: ranging from meat and dairy products, chilled and fresh foods, cold drinks and hot beverages, fine foods, health foods and organic produce to bread and bakery produce, sweets and snacks, frozen foods as well as a full range of technologies for start-ups and the retail sector. The special event will give conventional food retailers the opportunity to gain an overview of the range of halal products. At the same time, the format is aimed at international buyers, who are seeing rising demand for halal products, not just from Muslim consumers but also among non-Muslims, and view this as a lucrative market niche.

For exhibitors of halal products, the Anuga Halal Market provides the ideal setting that allows them to present their ranges to the international trade audience in a high-profile format. The Anuga Halal Market focuses on showcasing culinary delicacies from across the world in the form of an excellent range of halal products.

The halal market is facing both challenges and new opportunities: Promoting transparency and industrialization for halal products, something which is long overdue, requires a certification system that takes into account the needs for assurance and quality of the more than five million Muslims in Germany and the more than 50 million Muslims across Europe. Demand for halal convenience food in particular is rising in Middle Eastern markets while demand for halal-certified food products is growing in the West. This has led to strong growth in halal foods overall. Halal-certified food launches witnessed average annual growth of + 17.7% globally. Asia, the continent with the largest share of the world’s Muslim population, also recorded the highest share of halal food launches in 2019 at 68.1%. Africa and the Middle East also represent important regional markets for halal foods. This growing market potential offers a host of new opportunities, which are reflected in the Anuga Halal Market.Koelnmesse – industry trade fairs for the food and beverage sector:Koelnmesse is an international leader in organizing trade fairs in the food and beverage segment. Events such as Anuga and ISM are established, world-leading trade fairs, hosted in Cologne / Germany. In addition to the events at its Cologne headquarters, Koelnmesse also stages numerous food trade fairs with different sector-specific areas of focus and content in further key markets across the world, including Brazil, China, India, Japan, Columbia, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. These global activities enable Koelnmesse to offer its customers bespoke events and leading regional trade fairs in a variety of markets, thus creating the foundation for sustainable international business. 


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