Renowned hot food-to-go brand Rollover expands its offering with new Meat-Free Burgers

Renowned hot food-to-go brand Rollover expands its offering with new Meat-Free Burgers

  • The new launch marks a huge expansion for the brand, responding to the growing number of consumers seeking meat-free alternatives
  • Available across convenience retail and foodservices nationwide now 

LONDON, XX NOVEMBER 2021: Rollover, a proud part of Pilgrim’s Food Masters, has announced the launch of Rollover Meat-Free Burgers. The launch comes as the brand looks to support its customers’ needs for more meat-free options. Catering to vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians, and available in both convenience retail and foodservice, the launch gives retailers an opportunity to diversify their hot food offerings.

Rollover’s Meat Free Burgers are made with pea protein and offered in packs of 60 for the Meat-Free Burgers and packs of 30 for the buns. Available in pre-cooked, frozen format, making them quick and easy to prepare, the newest addition to the Rollover brand is high in protein (14.5g per 100g) and packed with flavour. With environmental benefits being a key driver in consumers moderating their meat consumption,[1] the Meat-Free Burgers will be served in packs that are 100% recyclable allowing retailers to cater to these ethical consumers with a brand they already know and love.

The meat-free category is going from strength to strength growing 15% year-on-year[2]and predicted to be worth £1.1bn by 2024,[3] as consumers consistently seek more diverse protein options. The category isn’t just being driven by vegans and vegetarians, but rather flexitarians with 39% of meat-eaters actively reducing their meat consumption.[4] As a key player in the food- to-go space, Rollover recognised the need for a meat-free option among its repertoire whilst ensuring it is packed with protein and full of flavour.

“The meat-free category is continuing to gain traction, and as a leader in the hot food-to-go category, we knew we had to offer consumers a plant-based alternative to our best-loved burgers,” said Elodie Bretz, Head of Marketing at Rollover. “With taste being the number one driver for consumers when choosing meat-free alternatives, it was vital that we created a burger that was true to the Rollover brand and tasted great.”

To help retailers drive awareness of the new offering, Rollover will be supplying customers with a range of supporting materials including POS, digital screen content, social media assets and a price promotion to support the launch.


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