Q3 Retail Roundup:buyers snatch up all things health and beauty while consumers embrace working from home

Q3 Retail Roundup: buyers snatch up all things health and beauty while consumers embrace working from home

  • Working from Home: Frozen, Laundry, Cough, Snack foods and Ergonomic are among most searched keywords between July – September 2021.
  • Back to Nature: Searches for “Natural” increase 10x faster than other sectors and Camping among most searched keywords reflecting the staycation boom.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: Emerging beauty and hygiene products is the most searched category for health and beauty care buyers while consumers search for Allergy certified, Keto and Male grooming.

November 2021, London: 

With the world over still juggling the effects of the Coronavirus and ongoing work from home requirements it’s no surprise that searches for Hygiene, Frozen foods and Covid-19 related products increased, this is according to data from the most searched keywords by buyers in Q3.

Online retail platform RangeMe analyses data from more than 10,000 retail buyers and around 175,000 suppliers on its platform to help report the latest trends. Results from its Q3 Retail Roundup show that the pandemic is still driving purchasing habits and that consumers are still very health conscious.

Frozen, Cough and Ergonomic may seem unconnected but they all share a common theme, the pandemic. As the world endured the rise of the Delta variant consumers shopping habits turned back towards their early pandemic ‘stocking up’ behaviour as buyers searches for frozen foods and cough supplements increased and the ‘work from home’ order returned driving buyers to prepare for a home office resurgence.

Ongoing restrictions to international travel meant searches for camping equipment increased as consumers planned holidays closer to home and limited availability in accommodation prevailed. 

With consumers’ minds focused on their health it’s no surprise that searches for ‘Natural’ products in the beauty category have skyrocketed and according to Euromonitor International is amongst one of the top three claims consumers around the world are looking for when buying beauty products.

Amongst buyers in the general merchandise arena Covid-19 supplies is the most searched category including ‘Laundry’ as the most popular keyword. Health and beauty buyers are on an indie campaign searching for emerging beauty and hygiene products offering innovative and unconventional products. Included in this are ‘Fragrance’ and ‘Male grooming’.

In Q2, RangeMe identified that Asian Minority Owned Business certification (USPAACC) were thrending with F&B buyers and that Health and Beauty Care buyers were searching for Certified LGBTQ (NGLCC) products. Certified Ethnic Minority products were popular with general merchandise buyers and in Q3 we see a continuation of this with searches for Black-owned amongst the top searches.

“As we continue to live in a pandemic driven economy with increased risk of health issues, travel restrictions and a workforce still at home, it comes as no surprise that nearly all sectors are dominated by searches for natural or health related searches,” said Nicky Jackson of RangeMe. “Searches from buyers across the UK and the US for Camping, Frozen, Laundry and Ergonomic suggest that consumers worldwide are experience the same restrictions and searches for Keto, Cough, Allergy certified and Natural make it clear that the pandemic is not over yet and buyers should still watch the changing global situation carefully.” 

RangeMe is the global online platform where retailers and suppliers can discover, connect, and grow their business. Suppliers can showcase their range, bring new products to market, increase brand visibility, and grow sales, while buyers use RangeMe to discover new products, search trends, and communicate directly with brands.


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