Lidl US Signs On as Official Sponsor for Healthy Kids Running Series

Lidl US Signs On as Official Sponsor for Healthy Kids Running Series

The announcement was made at the Healthy Kids Running Series Brooklyn 5K race at Prospect Park this morning, and represents a major step in HKRS’ efforts to increase youth participation and provide healthier food choices for children.

How does a sponsorship work?

A sponsorship is an advertising relationship in which a company provides financing to an individual or organization in return for access to the individual’s or organization’s influence and endorsement. A sponsorship is primarily used by businesses and other organizations to promote goods and services without explicit advertisements.

Lidl US signs on with HKRS

Lidl US has announced that it is the official sponsor of the Healthy Kids Running Series (HKRS) which is part of an international network of running clubs for kids. With Lidl’s sponsorship, HKRS members will have access to free Lidl shopping bags and coupons as well as discounts on their favorite healthy foods. Lidl US has become an official sponsor to the Healthy Kids Running Series. The health and wellness program focuses on encouraging kids to lead active lifestyles by providing them with a good cause, strong support system, and positive role models. Lidl US hopes that their involvement will encourage more children to participate in strenuous physical activities.

How will they help?

Lidl US signed with the Healthy Kids Running Series as a primary sponsor. They will help by providing healthy snacks and drinks for the runners at all of their events. They will also have a team of volunteers handing out information about Lidl’s fresh produce, meats, dairy, and bakery items.

What does this mean for the future of the organization?

The Healthy Kids Running Series is a nationwide event for children to participate in. With the sponsorship from Lidl, it projects that they will be able to achieve their goal of making running more accessible to all children in America.


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