Plastic reduction. Tesco starting programme this week

Tesco’s plastic packaging reduction programme is on a roll 6 December 2021 A new way of winding restroom paper more tightly onto cardboard tubes is helping Tesco reduce the size of its large multipacks – without changing the number of wastes. The new rolls mean that Lower plastic is demanded to pack them Guests wo n’t get caught short, as they can fit more in their cupboards . Double wind rolls will last doubly as long on the holder Tesco needs smaller lorries to transport them In total Tesco will save 67 tonnes of plastic packaging each time as a result of either fitting further paper onto each roll or winding rolls more tightly, so they take up less space. The reduction in size will mean17 smaller lorries are demanded each week to transport the rolls from the supplier to Tesco’s distribution centres.

Those lorries will be redeployed to deliver other products to stores as they get busier in the run up to Christmas. LastMonday, one of the supermarket’s big products, the 24roll own brand pack of restroom rolls, shrunk significantly in size as it was replaced with the new 12 pack of‘ double rolls’that have twice the number of wastes wound on to them. Changing this one product alone will save 46 tonnes of plastic and allow five lorries each week to be used for other loads. Changes will continue throughout the range in the coming months. In December, shoppers will see another change as Tesco shrinks the rolls in its 4 and 9rollpacks by winding the paper more tightly. This alternate change will save 14 tonnes of plastic a time and allow eight lorries to be redeployed. Farther roll and pack size reductions are planned in 2022. Katie Frost, Buying Manager, Paper at Tesco, said “ As well as removing gratuitous plastic, reducing the size of multipacks will free up precious space in our lorries that can be put to great use this.   Christmas. “ We’re looking at a number of ways to use lower packaging as a part of our 4Rs packaging strategy. In

the last many times, we’ve cut six thousand tonnes of packaging from products, including a billion pieces of plastic.”

Through its 4Rs strategy to attack the impact of plastic waste, Tesco has bettered packaging for further than 1600

products and saved over 6000 tonnes of material. This includes the junking of further than a billion pieces of plastic.

It has also launched a applicable shopping service with Loop in ten stores and soft plastic recycling collection points in all its larger stores.


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