GK Hold the Top Spot for POS software, Retail Tech survey

GK holds onto its global number one position for new retail POS installations and belongs to the leading providers of tone surveying results For the third time in a row, GK holds the top spot for new POS software installations by retailers worldwide. Retailers have chosen GK more frequently than any other provider for POS installations for the once many times GK is also among the most important result providers worldwide for tonescanning installations,  ranking fourth . According to the Global POS Software 2021 study now published by the British critic group Retail

Banking Research (RBR), GK formerly again defended its number one position in this area ( period studied June 2020 to June 2021). The judges assessed the request shares of over 100 POS software providers in the top 49 countries. Taking into account new installations across the retail, hospitality and square sectors, it can be seen that GK counts among the leadingcrosssectorproviders GK was suitable to defend the alternate position worldwide forall new installations in retail, hospitality and places during the period of the study. GK is the request leader for total. POS installations in both Germany and Eastern Europe. In Western Europe, GK ranks second for all installations.

According to RBR, GK is also one of the world’s leading suppliers of software results for tonesurveying Worldwide, GK ranks fourth among all providers in this member. This is according to RBR’s Mobile SelfScanning  and Checkout Free 2021 study, published before this time. In this report, judges examined the request shares of. further than 60 merchandisers in the top 23 countries. According to the RBR study, retailers presently offer tonescanning with mobile bias in retail outlets worldwide. In further than 80 percent of these shopping locales,   consumers can use their own smartphones to checkup. RBR is a strategic exploration and consulting establishment with three decades of experience in banking and retail robotization, cards and payments. RBR supports its guests by.  furnishing independent advice and information through reports, consulting, newsletters and events.


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