TECH retailers must have in 2023

Hybrid and omnichannel customer journeys

  • Booking an appointment online for a physical meeting
  • The acceleration of click and collect services
  • The global spread of video, such as for medical appointmentsIt is also worth mentioning the rise of automated stores, such as Amazon physical stores, and the new technologies that have been implemented to facilitate shopping and reduce the need for human interaction.

Personalization throughout the customer journey

Between first arriving on your website and making a purchase, consumers move through several stages, interacting digitally with your brand at multiple key moments before converting. Given its vital importance to bottom-line revenues, all brands aim to provide a high-quality experience throughout this customer journey.

Successfully delivering a seamless customer journey requires an organized approach and the ability to continuously adapt the experience to the changing behavior of each and every one of your website visitors, across every touchpoint. This is where personalization comes in, enabling you to react to behavioral changes and provide a tailored experience.

How can you build an end-to-end customer journey that automatically adapts to consumer behavior? Where should you focus your efforts, and what types of personalizations should you deploy to achieve customer satisfaction? This article aims to explain.

Cashless, contactless, and autonomous shopping and delivery

Since the advent of online shipping, retailers and brands have used technology to try and solve the problems of shopping online, such as fulfillment speed, ways to replicate the product trial experience, and supply chain challenges, especially for perishables. The 2020 Pandemic upgraded these challenges to top priority as sellers scrambled to find ways to retain customers.

In this particular article, we examine some of these ways which we believe have the greatest potential to remain relevant in the post-Pandemic world because of the value they create:



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