Costco is opening a new site in France

It may be the shopping mall of the future. The American huge Costco is opening up a new site in

France on Saturday, December 4, still in the Paris area. An irregular brand name, midway in

between a timeless grocery store and a dealer.

On the racks, overflowing products. From grocery stores to clothing, huge amounts at knockdown

prices, however on one condition for consumers: a mandatory membership card at 36 euros

annually. This is the Costco model. For 4 years, the American giant has actually set out to

dominate France.

Regional and items from America

In Essonne, this store is the first to open by the brand. It now has 176,000 customers. “We have

everything at Costco, and also it’s extremely useful in terms of the rate,” summarizes one client. To

encourage the French, the brand depends on items from America, yet additionally on regional

items. A second shop will certainly open on Saturday December 4 in


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