Frostkrone: A Variety of Freshness at the SIAL in Paris

Frostkrone: A Variety of Freshness at the SIAL in Paris


–       Extensive selection of chilled and deep-frozen finger food and snacks

–       Detailed information at Stand 5 A R214


Rietberg/Germany, 19 September 2022. Whoever wishes to experience the current finger food and snack trends at the SIAL should head off to visit the Frostkrone Food Group. International, incredibly diverse, trendy: the selection of delights that the Company Group will be showcasing in Paris from 15-19 October. And there will indeed be plenty to discover and try out. It is especially for the chilled cabinets that the Company Group will now also be offering an interesting selection:


Ready To Eat” comes to you straight off the refrigerated shelves. This range can be eaten hot or cold and boasts a huge choice of vegan and vegetarian flavours and also variations with chicken. Every type of snack is wrapped in a luscious coating, created out of delicious spices, seeds and grains.

–       Beetroot Tots: a vegetable mix made up of beetroot, potato, onion, apples, all flavoured with the slightly piquant aroma of horseradish and scrumptiously enveloped in a coating of millet, quinoa and linseeds. Vegan. Nutri-Score A.

–       Chicken Tikka Masala Coins: bursting with flavoursome breaded chicken breast, coconut, sieved tomato and rice, all wrapped in a coating of red curry, linseeds and garlic.


Breaking news: the popular Mozzarella Sticks, Chilli Cheese Nuggetsand Gouda Rings from Frostkrone are now also available on the refrigerated shelves. In tried-and-tested and very well-known Frostkrone quality, these come out of the oven or the fryer after just a few minutes a wonderful golden colour and super crispy. Thanks to their long shelf life, they can be kept in the fridge for several weeks.


“We have been known and much appreciated on the international stage for a long time because of our extensive and varied ranges of deep-frozen, quickly prepared finger food and snacks. For visitors to the SIAL we will now also be showcasing our finger food and snack selections designed for the chilled cabinets. In the UK we are already well positioned in this line of business and that is our objective in other countries, too,” explains Frédéric Dervieux, CEO of the Frostkrone Food Group.


The production process of this fresh produce is carried out in Great Britain, and it also takes place in Germany at the new plant in Paderborn, a facility that boasts state-of-the-art technology. “We have increased our production capacities to such an extent that we can now reliably also turn out chilled fresh produce for the refrigerated shelves at any given time,” adds Frédéric Dervieux.


New Technologies for Even More Possibilities


The Frostkrone team is never short of creative ideas. Year after year new product ideas are developed and made ready for the market. Currently the Company Group is supplying a total of 45 countries worldwide. And they fully realise how vital it is to be constantly exploring new avenues.


At the SIAL, Frostkrone demonstrates how finger food and snacks can, from now on, be made in a standardised form – the same size, the same weight. So in future no whole pods have to be used for Cream Cheese Jalapeños. They will be shaped from the prepared mixture, filled and then wrapped in their coating. This process employs a technology that has been successfully used in other foodstuff preparation for years. “It allows us to develop and manufacture even more creative product ideas. We are able to use all kinds of different ingredients, fashion them in all kinds of different shapes and then fill them.” continues Frédéric Dervieux.


Anyone wishing to have more detailed information can get advice personally and directly at the stand.


Taste, try and find out more at the Frostkrone Stand 5 A R214


Whether you’re interested in deep-frozen products or goods for the chilled cabinets, whether it’s for the retail trade or the food service sector: the team of the Frostkrone Food Group will be delighted to present the complete kaleidoscope of finger food and snacks to all their visitors at this year’s SIAL.



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