Tesco warns Clubcard holders about instant vouchers.

Tesco Clubcards are used by millions of individuals in the UK to save money on their weekly grocery buy. The grocery store company has now cautioned Clubcard holders, though.

This is due to the fact that many consumers who accumulate points tend to forget to utilize them before they expire. More than two million Tesco customers have until the end of February to spend more than £16 million in Clubcard coupons, according to estimates.

The coupons were initially distributed in February 2021, according to the Manchester Evening News, and will now expire on February 28. The purpose of the vouchers is to assist families nationwide in coping with the ongoing cost of living issue.

Customers of Tesco may use their Clubcard coupons for both gas and their weekly grocery order.

According to Tesco Loyalty Director Tash Whitmey, “Clubcard is the greatest way to receive excellent value with Tesco – from Clubcard Rewards to hundreds of unique bargains through Clubcard Prices. We want to make customers’ household budgets stretch farther right now.


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