Edeka and Netto first to have TiNDLE

Next Gen Foods, the creators of TiNDLE, announced today the official launch of its line of six new retail products, allowing consumers in Germany and the United States to try the popular plant-based chicken for the first time. The EDEKA Group’s EDEKA and Netto stores in Germany will be the first to bring TiNDLE to market, with over 6,000 locations launching this week, making it one of the largest retail debuts of a plant-based meat brand. In the United States, consumers can only order the new direct-to-consumer meal kits curated by Chef Chad Rosenthal through the ecommerce marketplace Goldbelly.

TiNDLE is a delicious and easy-to-prepare plant-based chicken that has quickly caught the attention of chefs and culinary professionals around the world due to its similarities in taste, texture, and experience to animal-based chicken. It is made from simple, GMO-free ingredients and provides a good source of protein and fiber, with 17g of protein and 8g of fiber in just 100g of TiNDLE.



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