1st Libyan Géant in Ben Ghazi

The inauguration of the first Géant Casino hypermarket on Libyan soil took place on 18 January 2023 in Benghazi in the presence of local authorities. The largest hypermarket in the city, this is the first location for the group, which expects to develop a dozen other shops in the coming years in conjunction with its partners.

Furthermore, and still in Libya, according to the online platform “Global Petroleum Price” which published a list of prices per litre of “gasoline 95”, as of January 26, in 168 countries around the world, Libya ranked second with a price of 0.03 USD per litre of gasoline. Venezuela (USD 0.016/L) ranks first, and Libya is followed by Iran (USD 0.05/L), Angola (USD 0.32/L) and Algeria (USD 0.34/L). As a reminder, daily hydrocarbon production is around 1.2 million barrels/day and Libya has the largest proven reserves in Africa.


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