Carrefour use ChatGPT as grocers use AI to improve efficiency.

Carrefour’s ChatGPT-generated video comes as merchants around the world use artificial intelligence to enhance labor economics.

The chatbot and a computer-generated human avatar are being used by the international supermarket giant, which has roughly 14,000 shops in more than 30 countries, to decrease the manpower cost of generating customer-facing movies.

Elodie Perthuisot, the retailer’s chief eCommerce, digital transformation, and data officer, revealed the first video made with a ChatGPT-created screenplay and an ultra-realistic human-looking avatar developed by artificial intelligence in a recent LinkedIn post (AI). The video is designed in the form of a FAQ-type explanation; in this initial example, the avatar provides tips on how to buy healthier and less expensive goods through the grocer’s website.

“Our data and innovation teams are now working on ChatGPT use cases and generative AI in general,” Perthuisot stated, which LinkedIn auto translated from the original French. “As our guiding concept, we study [technology] alongside our consumers [and] how to best serve them.”

The announcement comes as retailers increasingly look to artificial intelligence to minimize labor costs across the board. For example, in collaboration with internet titan Google, big US retailer Kroger is automating its inventory procedures. Last month, Google Cloud and Deloitte announced a collaboration with the supermarket chain on a task management tool that gives information on shelf-stocking and inventory, among other things, and a shop management app.



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