Ebay acquires the AI business 3PM Shield.

Ebay announced the acquisition of 3PM Shield, a supplier of AI-based marketplace compliance solutions, on Monday, as the e-commerce giant seeks to ease policy compliance for sellers and maintain the site’s reputation as a trusted marketplace.

The San Jose-based Ebay claimed the deal “further strengthens” the company’s “monitoring systems with new technology geared to prevent the sale of counterfeit items, dangerous products and illegal commodities,” according to a news statement.

“It is a key goal for us to help guarantee that eBay stays a secure and trustworthy environment for our worldwide community of sellers and customers, especially to avoid counterfeits and harmful or unlawful items,” said Ebay’s chief risk officer, Zhi Zhou. “3PM Shield has been a valuable and successful external partner in assisting Ebay in addressing these difficulties, and we look forward to gaining new capabilities when we move their solutions in-house.”

The acquisition of 3PM Shield will also improve Ebay’s capacity to address questionable or detrimental seller activity, as well as potentially problematic products.

“3PM Shield was developed to deliver next-generation e-commerce monitoring to defend buyer-seller trust.” remarked Robert Dunkel, 3PM Shield’s creator and CEO.

“We’re thrilled to be working with eBay, and I’m delighted that eBay’s investment will help us accelerate the effect of our cutting-edge technology to battle counterfeits, dangerous products, and illegal things.”


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