Coop 365discount asks the Danish government reduce VAT on fresh produce

Coop 365discount, a Danish retailer, has petitioned the country’s Minister of Food, Agriculture, and Fisheries, Jacob Jensen, to decrease VAT on fresh fruits and vegetables.

The call follows a trial undertaken by 365discount in its more than 300 outlets around the time of the Danish Parliamentary election in October 2022.

Fruit and vegetable costs were reduced by the equivalent of VAT by the chain. Simultaneously, 365discount began a petition among Danes to see whether there was support for varied VAT levels.

Vegetable sales climbed by 44% during the time in question compared to the same period the previous year, while fruit sales increased by 23%.

Furthermore, the petition revealed that 852 people agreed with the plan to lower VAT on fruits and vegetables.

“Lower costs for green foods stimulate Danes to buy more fruits and vegetables, and there is no question that it will be beneficial to public health,” said Natasha Selberg, chief consultant at the Danish Heart Foundation.

“That is why we are delighted with the idea, which I hope will be implemented. The Danish Heart Foundation is worried that, in order to encourage Danes to live better lifestyles, the VAT and tax systems must be structured in such a manner that it is not only cheaper to purchase healthy, but also more costly to buy unhealthy.”

source: esmmagazine


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