Edeka rolls out high-tech shopping carts across Germany

The shopping cart has moulted in recent years. In the past, shoppers only used it to conveniently bring their errands to the checkout. Now it is increasingly developing into a high-tech product with tremendous computing power. This type of trolley obviously has advantages not only for customers, but also for retailers.

Edeka is now bringing shopping carts with scanners and touchscreen computers to some of its supermarkets across Germany. This is reported by the Lebensmittel Zeitung. Models from two suppliers are being used, which are similar in appearance but have different functionalities in some cases. The Edeka region Minden-Hannover relies on the model “Easy Shopper” of the Munich-based start-up Pentland Firth, in which Edeka Minden-Hannover holds a 55 percent stake. The model has already been in use for over two years, and customers are said to be able to use it in over 130 stores.

The remaining Edeka regions have now started the rollout of the similar “Smart Shopper”. The vehicle’s computer and software come from the start-up KBST, and the hardware from Expresso, both companies based in Kassel.



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