Morrisons to sell new range of chilli jams from UK’s leading hot sauce brand 

One of the UK’s leading hot sauce brands has launching two of its chilli jams from its brand-new chilli jam range into Morrisons. 

Encona, the chilli sauce range in an iconic square glass bottle, which offers a variety of different flavours and heat levels, launched its exciting new range of chilli jams earlier this year, and Morrisons is now selling two of the flavours from the range – Canadian Maple and Jamaican Scotch Bonnet.

Talking about securing the listings in Morrisons, Kim Lue Lim, Global Category Manager for Encona, says: “We are proud to launch this fantastic range of Encona Chilli Jams and we are thrilled to be working with Morrisons to get the chilli jams out to a wider foodie audience. This listing follows hot the heels of Tesco introducing the Canadian Maple Chilli Jam into its stores earlier this month and we are hopeful that these listings will be the first of many.”

The Encona Chilli Jam range includes:

  • Encona Canadian Maple Chilli Jam, combining the sweetness of maple syrup with a subtle chilli kick.
  • Encona Mexican Smoked Chilli Jam, with a delicious hint of rich, smokey spice.
  • Encona Mexican Jalapeño Chilli Jam, the perfect mix of jalapeño spice with a tangy sweetness.
  • Encona Jamaican Scotch Bonnet, a hot and fruity blend of traditional Scotch Bonnet pepper and island spices.

The Encona Canadian Maple and Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jams will be priced at £2.


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