Waitrose ‘wraps’ up lunchtime into a new meal deal

  • Customers can get a sandwich, wrap, salad or sushi, along with a snack and a drink
  • Food to Go range made without compromising on quality and high animal welfare standards

The new meal deal at Waitrose will launch on the 30th August. For £5 customers will be able to choose from over 300 products and can opt for one of our sandwiches, wraps or salads, or sushi (from a selected range),  along with a choice of snack from a selection of cereal bars, crisps and snack pots, and a drink. 

Options within the offer include customer favourites such as our Essential Waitrose Cheese & Onion sandwich, PlantLiving No Duck Hoisin Wrap, Waitrose Prawn Mayo sandwich, Waitrose Chicken & Bacon Caesar wrap, Waitrose PlantLiving VLT, Waitrose Chicken, Tomato & Basil Pasta, Taiko Crispy Duck Rolls, Waitrose Flapjack, Waitrose LoveLife Nuts, Fruit & Seeds, Deliciously Ella Cashew Cranberry Fruit Nut & Seed Bar, Waitrose Pineapple Fingers (120g), Waitrose Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice and Waitrose Strawberry & Banana Smoothie. 

Jennifer Moscardini, Waitrose Food to Go Buyer, said: “We’re a nation of sandwich lovers. Sales are up nearly 40% since 2020. More people are working in offices again, and travelling more so looking for a fantastic meal deal option. 

“This lunchtime deal means our customers can get a great quality sandwich, wrap, salad or sushi, along with a snack and a drink for £5, and if they have a myWaitrose loyalty card, and a reusable cup they can get a free cup of coffee at the same time. 

“We haven’t compromised on our standards either. We use British higher welfare chicken, pork & beef in our sandwiches, MSC prawns and salmon, and all our eggs come from free range hens. 

“This year we’ve introduced more meal deals than ever before to help customers with the cost of living crisis, as well as investing £100m in new lower prices across our aisles.” 

Our best-selling sandwich over the last ten years has been prawn mayonnaise, followed by Egg Mayonnaise and the Classic BLT – but now wraps have become increasingly popular with one in four people buying a wrap instead. 

List of top ten best-selling sandwiches 10 years ago:

  • Waitrose Prawn mayonnaise
  • Waitrose Egg mayonnaise and cress
  • Waitrose Classic BLT
  • Essential Waitrose Tuna Mayo 
  • Waitrose Smoked Ham & Cheese
  • Essential Waitrose Egg Mayonnaise
  • Essential Waitrose cheese & onion
  • Waitrose Salmon & Cucumber
  • Waitrose Salmon & Cream Cheese
  • Waitrose Chicken & Bacon 

List of top ten best-selling sandwiches/wraps today:

  • Waitrose Prawn mayonnaise sandwich 
  • Waitrose Essential Cheese and Onion
  • Waitrose Essential Egg mayonnaise sandwich 
  • Waitrose Steak & caramelised onion chutney sandwich
  • Waitrose Hoisin duck wrap 
  • Waitrose Chicken & Bacon Caesar wrap 
  • Waitrose Essential Tuna mayonnaise sandwich 
  • Waitrose Salt Beef & Mustard Mayonnaise sandwich 
  • Waitrose Salmon & Cream Cheese sandwich 
  • Waitrose Classic BLT 


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