This winter Special range . Asda special Soups.

  • Asda has revealed a range of new flavours and products as part of its extensive Extra Special range, landing in stores soon.
  • The update includes new flavours of Extra Special filled pasta and Extra Special soups, as well as new delicious Extra Special Pasta sauces.
  • Shop in store and online from 05 September.

Asda’s Extra Special range continues to grow and marvel Asda customers, as brand-new filled pastas, sauces and soups hit shelves today – perfect for creating a restaurant-standard meal at home, without the fuss.

Made in Lombardy using a special blend of soft wheat flour and durum wheat semolina, are the new Extra Special Filled Pastas. Deliciously delicate, the pastas are made with free-range eggs and are priced at £3 per pack. The range consists of:

  • Extra Special Burrata, Roasted Cherry Tomato & Basil Ravioli
  • Extra Special Porcini Mushroom & Truffle Mezzelune
  • Extra Special Butternut Squash & Pine Nut Girasole
  • Extra Special Nduja & Red Pepper Ravioli.

Launching alongside these brand-new pastas is a range of new, Mediterranean-inspired pasta sauces that are sure to delight your taste buds. Priced at just £2.50, the range of sauces includes:

  • Extra Special Nduja & Mascarpone Sauce
  • Extra Special Creamy Chestnut Mushroom & Truffle Sauce
  • Extra Special Chargrilled Mediterranean Vegetable Sauce
  • Extra Special Basil Pesto.

With cooler, darker nights around the corner, the new Extra Special Soups will provide the perfect winter warmer. Packed with nutritious vegetables and priced at £2.75 each, the new soups boast extra special touches for added flavour and texture, such as the Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash, Coconut and Chilli soup, which is infused with fragrant lemongrass and coriander leaf, and the Chicken, Chorizo & Butterbean soup, which is blended with tender risotto rice. The range includes:

  • Extra Special Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash, Coconut and Chilli Soup
  • Extra Special Chicken, Chorizo & Butterbean Soup
  • Extra Special Petit Pois & Ham Hock Soup
  • Extra Special Creamy Mushroom Risotto Soup.


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