Indulge in Festive Delights with Asda’s Spectacular Christmas Dessert Lineup

Indulge in Festive Delights with Asda’s Spectacular Christmas Dessert Lineup

As the holiday season approaches, there’s no better time to prepare for the culinary spectacle that is Christmas dinner. While the main course often takes the limelight, the sweet crescendo of the meal is equally important. This year, Asda is shining a spotlight on ten luxury, show-stopping desserts, ensuring that your Christmas gathering ends on a high note.

The Extra Special Jewel Topped Christmas Pudding (£12.00) from Asda has taken the crown as the Best Christmas Pudding in the Good Housekeeping Institute 2023 Christmas Taste tests, outshining heavyweights like Waitrose and M&S. Scoring an impressive 86/100, this traditional delight is a rich and nutty masterpiece. It’s made with plump sultanas, zesty orange and lemon peel, a touch of spice, and generously infused with cider and rum. Adorned with vibrant whole glace cherries, crunchy almonds, hand-placed candied orange slices, and a finishing touch of cognac, it’s a true star of the show.

For those who crave something different, the Extra Special Chocolate & Honeycomb Avalanche Dessert (£10.00) has been crowned as the Best Christmas Dessert in the same awards, beating out rivals like Tesco. With a remarkable score of 87/100, this dessert brings a touch of theater to your table. The chocolate sauce flows down the salted caramel semifreddo, generously filled with salted caramel sauce, milk chocolate shavings, and honeycomb pieces, making it the perfect way to conclude your festive feast.

If you’re a fan of traditional delights, the Extra Special Chocolate & Orange Panettone (£6.00) is a must-try. Crafted in a second-generation, family-run bakery in Italy, this all-butter recipe is a labor of love, nurtured since 1964. The Italian sweet bread features Belgian milk chocolate chunks, candied orange peel, and butter, injected with a delectable chocolate and orange sauce, then crowned with dark chocolate. In exquisite, high-quality packaging, it’s a delightful gift for a loved one or a splendid contribution to any dinner party.

Indulge your sweet tooth with the Extra Special Black Forest Woodland Cake (£14.00). This treat is made with a chocolate butter-enriched sponge, oozing a tart Morello cherry sauce, and elegantly coated in chocolate ganache, complemented by chocolate shavings for an irresistibly indulgent bite. It’s hand-decorated with edible sweet melts and chocolate decorations, ensuring a visual and gustatory delight.

If you’re into bite-sized delights, the Extra Special Black Forest Stollen Bites (£3.00) offer a luxurious yet affordable option. These delectable morsels are crafted from cherry dough filled with Belgian chocolate chunks, layered with marzipan, and lovingly dipped in a Maraschino sauce. Belgian chocolate chunks and a sweet dusting provide the perfect finishing touch.

No Christmas table is complete without the Extra Special Black Forest Yule Log (£8.50). This hand-rolled chocolate sponge is generously filled with cherry jam, enveloped in milk chocolate, and draped in a white chocolate ganache, adorned with bronze milk chocolate and festive decorations. It’s a treat that promises to add a touch of magic to your holiday celebration.

For a touch of glitz, the Extra Special Amaretto & Cherry Cheesecake (£10.00) features a biscuit base topped with a caramel cheesecake, embellished with amaretto sauce pockets. It’s garnished with cherry glaze, sour cherry pieces, and finished with an amber shimmer, guaranteed to sparkle on your dinner table.

This year, Asda offers not one but two standout luxury vegan options for those with dietary preferences. The OMV! Double Choc & Honeycomb Cake Pop Bites (£4.00) are cake-based truffles with a dense, chocolatey center studded with crunchy honeycomb pieces, all coated in Belgian dark chocolate. They’re hand-finished with a rose gold lustre for a touch of festive sparkle, making them perfect for gifting and sharing. As a delightful alternative to dairy-based options, the OMV! Strawberry Trifle (£6.95) boasts a tangy strawberry compote, whole strawberries, hand-placed egg-free sponge, and dairy-free custard, all topped off with lentil and coconut cream.

Asda’s tantalizing dessert selection for Christmas 2023 is not to be missed. From traditional favorites like the Jewel Topped Christmas Pudding to innovative creations like the Chocolate & Honeycomb Avalanche Dessert and vegan offerings, there’s something to satisfy every sweet craving. Available both in-store and online, it’s time to make some room for these after-dinner delights this Christmas.

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