Asda is opening 21 new convenience stores by the end of January

Asda is opening 21 new convenience stores by the end of January

  • Supermarket resumes its convenience store openings programme after festive break
  • Five stores are set to open today in locations such as Derby, Stoke-on-Trent and Crawley

Asda has announced that it will be adding a host of new convenience stores to its estate by the end of this month, with five opening their doors today.

The announcement comes as the retailer continues its programme to convert the convenience stores acquired from the Co-op and EG Group to its new Asda Express convenience brand.

The 21 stores set to open by the end of January is on top of 17 stores that have already opened this month in locations such as Southampton, Cardiff and Clapham.

The newly converted Asda Express stores stock up to 3,000 branded and own-label products to suit a broad range of customer needs including ‘top up’ shops for essential items such as milk and bread, grabbing lunch on the go or cooking dinner from scratch.

Andy Perry, Asda’s Vice President of Convenience, said:

“After pausing our convenience rollout during the festive period, the programme is now in full swing once more. We have exciting plans to accelerate the programme over the next couple of months with the aim of converting all 470 stores acquired from the Co-op and EG Group to Asda Express before the end of Q1. We are looking forward to opening our doors and welcoming customers in new locations right across the UK.”

Addressing Asda’s gap in the growing convenience market has been a key pillar of the retailer’s strategy since its acquisition by the Issa brothers and TDR Capital Ltd completed in 2021.

A full list of stores opening before the end of January, and date they are set to open, can be found below.

| Holmes Chapel – Middlewich Road    |

19th January 2024| | Derby – Duffield Road    |

19th January 2024| | Sandford – Sandford Road   |

19th January 2024| | Sandy – Bedford Road   |

19th January 2024| | Hornchurch – North Street    |

19th January 2024| | Heywood – Middleton Road    |

24th January 2024| | Evesham – Twyford Services    |

24th January 2024| | Fareham – Highland Road    |

24th January 2024| | Crouch End – Tottenham Lane   |

24th January 2024| | Crawley – Balcombe Road   |

25th January 2024| | Corsham – Pickwick Road    |

25th January 2024| | Dagenham – Beacontree Avenue    |

26th January 2024| | Rhuddlan – Rhyl Road    |

26th January 2024| | Horsham – Worthing Road    |

26th January 2024| | Denham – Uxbridge    |

29th January 2024| | Stoke-on-Trent – Holditch, Talke Road  |

29th January 2024| | Clydebank – Western Highway Station   |

30th January 2024| | Stoke-on-Trent – Park Hall, Dividy Road  |

30th January 2024| | Haslemere (Surrey) – Hindhead Road   |

31st January 2024| | Poole – Sandbanks Road    |

31st January 2024| | Leicester – Lutterworth Road   |


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