Rami Baitiéh Named New CEO of Morrisons, Succeeding David Potts

Rami Baitiéh, previously the Chief Executive of Carrefour France, has been appointed as the new Chief Executive of Morrisons, succeeding David Potts, who has held the position for nine years.

Assuming his role in November, Baitiéh will collaborate closely with Potts during the transition period. He expressed his honor in joining Morrisons, emphasizing the company’s significant place in the UK’s retail landscape and its strong rapport with customers and communities. Baitiéh highlighted Morrisons’ unique position as a manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of food, envisioning growth while prioritizing customer satisfaction. He also praised the dedicated Morrisons team, seeing vast opportunities for their development.

Sir Terry Leahy, senior advisor at CD&R, commended Baitiéh’s leadership qualities and foresaw his contribution to enhancing Morrisons’ loyalty programs and digital presence while upholding the company’s commitment to quality and value for shoppers. Leahy expressed gratitude to David Potts for his service, acknowledging his pivotal role in revitalizing the Morrisons brand and navigating challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and cost-of-living issues.

David Potts reflected on his fulfilling nine-year tenure as Morrisons Chief Executive, particularly praising the team’s resilience during the pandemic. He expressed confidence in Morrisons’ trajectory and readiness for growth. Potts reiterated his commitment to ensuring a smooth transition for Baitiéh and expressed optimism about the company’s future.

Potts also shared his readiness to step down upon identifying an exceptional successor, highlighting his intention to contribute further to business and the UK’s post-pandemic economic recovery. He affirmed his ongoing support for Morrisons as an investor and advocate, eager to witness its continued progress


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