Riad Beladi Discusses the Significance of Margins and Consumer Interest in Retail Product Success

In the dynamic world of retail, understanding what makes certain products more appealing to retailers than others is essential for businesses like ours. As I engage with buyers from major retailers like Tesco and Casinos, I often find myself pondering this question. Why do some products stand out and garner more interest from retailers, while others struggle to gain traction? The answer lies in a delicate balance of factors, with margins playing a pivotal role in the success of a product within the retail ecosystem.

Firstly, let’s delve into why margins are crucial for retailers and consequently, for the success of our products. Retailers, whether they’re multinational chains like Tesco or regional players like Casinos, operate on razor-thin profit margins. Every decision they make, from product selection to pricing strategies, is driven by the goal of maximizing profitability. When considering whether to stock a new product, retailers prioritize items that offer them a healthy margin. A strong margin ensures that retailers can cover their operating expenses, overhead costs, and still turn a profit. Without a compelling margin, retailers may hesitate to allocate precious shelf space to our products, no matter how innovative or high-quality they may be.

Now, let’s address why it’s imperative to capture consumer interest before approaching retailers. In today’s hypercompetitive retail landscape, consumers wield unprecedented power. Their preferences, tastes, and purchasing behaviors shape the decisions of retailers and manufacturers alike. Retailers are keenly aware of this dynamic and are more inclined to stock products that they believe will resonate with their target audience. As such, generating consumer interest and demand for our products lays the groundwork for successful partnerships with retailers. When consumers actively seek out our products, retailers are more likely to view them as must-have items for their shelves. This consumer-driven approach not only enhances the appeal of our products to retailers but also increases the likelihood of achieving sustainable sales growth in the long run.

In essence, the relationship between margins, consumer interest, and retailer engagement is symbiotic. By offering retailers attractive margins, we demonstrate our commitment to their profitability and incentivize them to prioritize our products. Simultaneously, by cultivating consumer interest and demand, we create a compelling value proposition for retailers, making our products irresistible additions to their assortments. Ultimately, it’s the alignment of these factors that paves the way for success in the competitive retail landscape. As I continue my discussions with buyers from Tesco, Casinos, and beyond, I remain steadfast in my belief that by focusing on margins and consumer interest, we can forge mutually beneficial partnerships that drive growth and prosperity for all stakeholders involved.


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