Chrysal introduces Recyclable Liquid flower food sachet

Naarden – The growing challenge of plastics in the environment demands more urgency than ever to find solutions to reduce, re-use and recycle. In the last couple of years Chrysal worked intensively in making their packaging and products sustainable, such as introducing our sustainable sachets. And it even gets better with the new Chrysal Recyclable Liquid sachet. The Chrysal Recyclable Liquid sachet is the first liquid flower food package made from fully recyclable plastic, polypropylene.
Our new Recyclable Liquid sachet is made from polypropylene, which is a fully recyclable plastic andcontributes to a circular economy. The benefits of recycling waste are enormous. Recycling means saving raw materials, energy and water. The Recyclable Liquid sachet contains our Chrysal Universal flower food that keeps flowers beautiful up to 60% longer. Liquid flower food is highly valued by many retailers and consumers.
Introducing the Recyclable Liquid Sachet is part of Chrysal’s ambition to be the most sustainable partner in the flower industry. Chrysal is on the road to make their products and packaging more sustainable. Peter Vriends, Chrysal CEO “Our goal is to improve the sustainability of our products and packaging and to contribute to our sustainability goals and those of our customers. We are looking at all our packaging and one of the steps we are taking is introducing a Recyclable Liquid sachet. In 2025 we want all our packaging to be either recyclable, compostable or re-usable.” Chrysal continues to make progress on solutions to reduce their footprint, contribute to a circular economy and make the chain more sustainable in order to contribute to a better world. By using Chrysal products, flower wastage is significantly lowered, less water is used and packaging materials are reduced.


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