Corona pandemic shifts shopping to the Internet

  • Store Closures: E-Commerce Replaces Brick-and-Mortar Shops
  • High-quality product information is vital for retailers: Online shops and manufacturers of brand-name products need to provide their customers with relevant product information so that they can make well-informed purchase decisions.

Stuttgart, April 8, 2020. Now that most retailers in Germany have been forced to close their doors due to the coronavirus pandemic, commerce is going digital faster than ever. But studies show that 58% of online shoppers abandon their purchases due to lack of product information (iAdvize, 2019). It is difficult to translate in-person customer service and personalized sales advice to online platforms. As a result, emotionally appealing, persuasive, and detailed product information such as photos, video clips, and 3D product images are crucial when it comes to helping customers make purchase decisions. 

Product information from the brands in the dealers’ webshops
The Germany-based technology company loadbee helps online shops and brands more effectively present their products online. With loadbee, manufacturers and online retailers can integrate comprehensive, meaningful product information into web shops in addition to the information already available from retailers. 

Automated upload for brand manufacturers, copy/paste add-on for retailers
With loadbee, retailers can add brand content to their websites in addition to their own product information. Integrating loadbee into online shops is as simple as copy and paste. Once the online retailer adds the link and brand has uploaded its content onto the loadbee platform, both the brands and the retailers can drive sales by providing more complete product information.

Conversion rate uplifts of up to 25 percent
loadbee works across countries and all online shops where its clients sell their products and that are connected to loadbee. loadbee partners like BSH Hausgeräte GmbH have increased their conversion rate by up to 25 percent. As a result, retailers choose to supplement their own product descriptions with informative and emotionally appealing product content from more than 300 brands that already partner with loadbee.


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