Sustainable growth – specialist supply chain technology provider launches supermarket food delivery box in 6 days

Sustainable growth – specialist supply chain technology provider launches supermarket food delivery box in 6 days 

Orderly, the specialist digital technology company behind the Morrisons NHS food boxes platform has called on all grocers to seek to add sustainable solutions to their working practices.

The food boxes project was conceived and designed by Morrisons to help customers and NHS workers get the everyday essentials they need without the trip to the supermarket. A box contains £30 worth of groceries and offers convenient, free delivery directly to the door.

Founded as “Easywebstore” in 2008, Orderly was born as an ecommerce platform.

In 2011, the ‘Orderly’ product was launched to assist Starbucks with Order Management.

With the Covid-19 crisis escalating, the specialist team at Orderly were able to have the solution up and running within just 6 days, as CEO Peter Evans explains;

‘When we heard about the proposition to support NHS staff and Morrisons customers who may be struggling due to shift times and supermarket shortages to get the essentials they need we were eager to help. We are Food and Beverage sector specialists and our niche is in business-critical supply chain technology so we had the systems, ability and experience to roll-out a fantastic solution for Morrisons in very short order.’

Orderly’s solutions are used end-to-end, from a customer ordering interface to

Pick and Pack technology. The Orderly solution for the NHS boxes uses a third party courier to increase total delivery capacity for Morrisons to serve more customers.

Peter continues;

‘It has been fantastic to see what a difference it has made to so many key workers and their families after the team put in a lot of ours for this fantastic cause.

‘Whilst the crisis is a major challenge to the nation, there is a huge opportunity for our retailers and wholesalers to seriously change the way they do business. We’re seeing partnerships and innovation that would usually take years being formed with incredible speed because the need is clear and the appetite is there.’

‘The great thing is that with this fresh approach to supply chain management we’re starting to see businesses think more constructively about global waste and the harmful impact globally. We’re serious about our supply chain technology and the value this can provide for our economy, our people and our environment – we believe our technology can help people to make a real difference to their world and we’re delighted to have helped on the fantastic Morrisons project.

‘We look forward to playing our part in the exciting new future that is within the grasp of  forward-thinking retailers, wholesalers and the entire supply chain who we hope will be inspired to think a little differently in these ever-changing times for the sector.’


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