Stout popularity soars to make it Britain’s fastest growing beer type

Stout has become so popular again that it is now the fastest growing beer variety in the UK. 
In the last year volume demand for the malty, full-bodied, dark beer with a creamy head has grown by 35 per cent at Tesco.
Historically, Irish stout, including Guinness, dominated the British beer market for well over a century, but towards the end of the 20th century it saw a decline in popularity because of the arrival, from Europe, of lager. 
Now Guinness has helped create major interest thanks to an invention launched last year called Nitrosurge, a £25* device which customers can buy to sit on top of specially brewed ‘Nitrosurge Draft Guinness’ cans, which then replicates the quality of a pub-drawn pint of the famous drink.
Other regional UK brewers, such as BrewDog, Hobgoblin and St. Austell are also helping drive interest by adding the beer style to their ranges. 

As a result Tesco now stocks 15 different stouts including a non-alcoholic variety as a result of the drink’s growing popularity. 
In fact, BrewDog’s stout, Black Heart, which only launched in January 2023, has become so popular that it is now Tesco’s second most popular stout after Guinness.
Tesco stout buyer Christian Clark explains:

“There are two main factors driving the current stout boom with Guinness creating major demand thanks to its game changing Nitrosurge device which has finally given fans a pub quality version of the drink to have at home. 

“But there has also been a general rediscovery of traditional British beer tastes brought about by the ongoing craft beer boom.

“In the last few years, a younger audience of drinkers has emerged who are looking for beers with great character and exceptional flavour to challenge their taste buds.

“As a result of this growing interest we now stock 15 different stouts – including traditional, craft and locally brewed lines – something which would have been unthinkable about five years ago.” 

Guinness spokesperson Anna Macdonald said:

“Having been named the best-selling beer in British pubs, it is fantastic to see this mirrored in grocery, with Guinness and Guinness 0.0 showing tremendous growth, driven by shoppers enjoying a pint of the black stuff at home, as well as in pubs! 

“The launch of our ground-breaking innovation, Guinness Nitrosurge, has allowed people to achieve the iconic two part pour at home – using ultrasonic technology.”   

Tesco’s stouts are as follows:

  • Guinness – Draught
  • Guinness – 0.0%
  • Guinness – Original
  • Guinness – Nitrosurge
  • BrewDog – Blackheart
  • BrewDog – Grind Coffee Stout
  • Badger – Master Stoat Coffee Stout
  • Hobgoblin – Stout
  • Black Sheep – Milk Stout
  • DG Dragon Stout 
  • St Austell – Mena Dhu Stout (local line)
  • Younger of Alloa – Sweetheart Stout (local line)
  • Belfast Black Stout (local line)
  • Felinfoal Brewery Stout (local line)
  • Dark Ness Rich Black Stout (local line)
    *Guinness Nitrosurge device is £25 if bought through Tesco Clubcard


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