Lidl to reduce animal-based products

As part of a company-wide effort for sustainability, Lidl has revealed intentions to sell less meat items.

On the shelves of the German discount shop, vegan alternatives are anticipated to gradually replace animal-based goods. This is consistent with Lidl’s pledge to significantly broaden its selection of plant-based foods through 2025 and beyond.

Environmental considerations are what motivate people to transition to other proteins. Lidl specifically mentions the necessity for food security due to the growing world population.

Christoph Graf, the head buyer at Lidl, spoke on the implications of feeding the globe last month at Berlin’s International Green Week, which is considered to be the largest food agricultural and horticulture trade show in the world. In an interview with the magazine Lebensmittelzeitung, he emphasized the necessity for careful management of food resources and the reduction of meat consumption. If we’re going to be able to feed 10 billion people in the future, we’ll need to do this.

Graf stated that in order to feed ourselves within the capacity of the Earth, “we need a more aware diet everywhere on earth.”

As there is “no second planet,” he said, there is “no alternative” to Lidl’s meat reduction.


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