o9 Solutions Partners with Beluga Group to Enable Next-Generation End-to-End Planning

o9 Solutions Partners with Beluga Group to Enable Next-Generation End-to-End Planning

AMSTERDAM, February 18, 2021 – o9 Solutions, a premier AI-powered IBP platform provider, today announced that Beluga Group, the largest Russian spirits company, will deploy o9’s AI-powered platform for integrated demand and supply management, integrated business planning, and an S&OE Control Tower. 

The o9 platform, including its differentiated Enterprise Knowledge Graph, will help Beluga facilitate real-time visibility across its end-to-end supply chain. This will enable data-driven decision making, reduce non-standard supply chain costs and run real-time what-if scenario analysis. 

‘Beluga is a well-known company, with a highly valued brand and a consumer-oriented business philosophy that perfectly aligns with our customer value focus,’ said Igor Rikalo, President and COO at o9 Solutions. ‘Beluga has earned the reputation as a company with a strong technological focus and a thoughtfully designed digital strategy, thanks to powerful high-tech manufacturing and warehouse facilities. We are honored to be part of that strategy and are committed to delivering significant business value.’

Digitizing the entire supply chain to improve transparency and increase decision-making speed is an essential part of Beluga’s digital strategy. o9 is a cloud-native platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive data-driven decision making. The o9 platform, powered by the Enterprise Knowledge Graph, will construct a digital twin of Beluga’s end-to-end network. This will allow Beluga to conduct real-time scenario planning and drive better and faster decisions through improved visibility across every node in the supply chain. 

Irek Akhmetshin, Beluga’s Global Head of Planning, says, ‘During the entire selection process, the o9 team demonstrated a strong level of commitment and expertise. It became imminently visible that the o9 team would go above and beyond to make this project a great success. This, combined with o9s differentiated technology, gave us the trust that o9 can help us successfully deliver on our vision for digital transformation.’


About o9 Solutions, Inc.
o9 Solutions is the premier AI-powered platform for driving digital transformations of integrated planning and operations capabilities. o9’s clients span a variety of industries across the manufacturing and retail supply chain. 

Whether it is sensing & shaping demand, aligning demand and supply, or managing P&L, any process can be made faster and smarter with o9’s AI-powered digital solutions. Bringing together technology innovations—such as graph-based enterprise modeling, big data analytics, advanced algorithms for scenario planning, supply chain control tower workflows, collaborative portals, easy-to-use interfaces, and cloud-based delivery—into one platform, o9 empowers organizations with superior visibility and insights that are both predictive and prescriptive. With o9’s AI-powered solutions, enterprises can achieve faster, smarter decision-making and execution.

For more information, visit https://www.o9solutions.com.

About Beluga
BELUGA GROUP is Russia’s largest alcohol company, a major producer of vodka and distilled beverages, and a leading independent importer of wine and spirits. The group runs five distilleries, one winery, manages a distribution system and runs a specialized alcohol retail chain, WineLab. 

The company’s key brands produce the super-premium vodka, Beluga, the sparkling wine Tête de Cheval, the Russian champagne VOGUE, and the Scotch whisky Fox & Dogs, among other fine wines and spirits. BELUGA GROUP is also the exclusive distributor of the multi-brand William Grant & Sons company, importing well-known sprits such as the Scottish whiskey, Glenfiddich. It is also the exclusive distributor of the Austrian premium glassware manufacturer RIEDEL. 

The Group has successfully launched its products in foreign markets, achieving the status of being one of the top three exporters of Russian vodka, and the leader of the super-premium segment.  


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