Importance of Face to face meetings and trade shows

By Riad Beladi

Trade shows exhibitions and events stopped with the Covid-19 pandemic. replacing it with virtual meetings, but attendee engagement was not as high as traditional shows. Yet reports are coming in that many companies’ sales were unaffected by their absence from trade shows. 

Trade show participation drives sales in two ways: continued sales to existing customers, sales to new buyers 

Business to business marketing is much more important then advertising to consumers and Face-to-face interactions are lot more more successful  then virtual eventsLive events, conferences, and trade shows support our need for socialisation and environments where people can learn from each other, build trust, develop new relationships business relationships. interact with the business community. a meeting point for buyers a sellers, a platform to launch new products.

One of the trade shows and most animated i have been to is Anuga, the largest and maybe the most important food trade show in the world, the atmosphere is phenomenon. a visitor will be able to taste foods from all over the world, Next month I will be interviewing ANUGA communication manger Ms. Peggy Krause about 2021 events


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