Most expensive countries to buy grocery

, Switzerland sells the most costly food in the world with costs 76% higher than in the U.S.

Norway is the second most costly spot to purchase food, with costs 37.4% more costly than in the U.S., and Iceland is third generally costly, where food things are 36.6% pricier.

That is as indicated by a new report from Bayut, a Dubai-based property entrance, which utilized information from Numbeo, a publicly supported worldwide data set of customer costs, to figure out where on earth regular food items cost the most — and the least.

Bayut utilized Numbeo’s 2019 Cost of Living Index, where the U.S. was utilized as the benchmark (set to 0%). Accordingly, the file for every nation addresses where it stands comparative with the U.S.

Certain nations and urban communities have seen staple costs soar, while new “foodie urban communities” spring up (alongside their costs) consistently. A banana does not merit something very similar in Japan all things considered in the U.S. Lettuce costs may fluctuate exceptionally inside a nation’s own boundaries, and a supper ticket can increment altogether assuming that you walk only a couple of squares over.

in Some countries the cost of living is very high particularly in areas surrounding large cities. For example, in the United States, cities like New York and San Francisco have a very high cost of living, while areas such as rural Mississippi, Kansas, or Oklahoma may be notably more affordable.

1. Guatemala


4. The Philippines

6. Egypt


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