PLMA’s 2022 online Roundtable Conference, 23-24 February 2022 Private Label and the Power of Sustainability

Amsterdam, 8 February 2022 – This year’s Online Roundtable Conference will examine the challenges, the drivers and the opportunities that retailers and manufacturers face in creating a sustainable business as it touches every aspect of the companies’ operations. From sourcing, product composition and transport, to processing, packaging, waste management and store and warehouse design.

In two morning sessions we will look at the drivers and barriers of making sustainable choices. What is the role of the consumer? How can companies turn the cost of change into future success?

Boris Planer, Head of Consumer and Market Insight at consumer trend forecaster WGSN, will give insights in Consumer Attitudes toward Sustainable Purchasing. Kevin Vyse, Head of Technical at flexible packaging company ProAmpac, has over 35 years of experience in packaging and held previous senior positions at Marks & Spencer and Tesco. Kevin will hold a motivational presentation on Net Zero and the Circular Route to better packaging.

Maria Gustavsson and Emelie Hansson of the leading Swedish retailer ICA will present a case study on how sustainability is applied in ICA’s private label innovation and in the overall strategy of the company. Under the theme of The Purpose of Sustainability, Marjan de Bock-Smit, Co-CEO, ImpactBuying bv, an expert on sustainability, will show the importance of a holistic approach of a sustainability strategy in retailing and manufacturing and how partnerships and transparency will create better profit in the presentation “The opportunities of Sustainable products”.

Participants will also get a radical and thought provoking view of the future and how the global technological landscapes constantly creates “never normals” by futurist and renowned keynote speaker Peter Hinssen. Lebensmittel Zeitung editor Denise Klug will give an overview of today’s drastically changed European online retail landscape.

In conclusion, a panel of industry experts will wrap up the programme with a discussion on the Power of Sustainability in private label. The panel will share their expert views and give key takeaways of the two conference days.

PLMA’s 2022 online Roundtable conference offers an ambitious agenda of topics for retailers and suppliers alike. Go to to register for PLMA’s 2022 online Roundtable Conference today!


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