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To avoid food waste, Asda is changing its yoghurt selection.

To assist customers prevent food waste at home, Asda has made a big change to almost half of its own-brand yoghurts, eliminating Use By labels and replacing them with Best Before dates.

The move is in response to research from the climate action NGO WRAP, which claims that half of all yoghurt waste in UK households comes from unopened cartons. According to the survey, 70% of all yoghurt wasted at home is due to the product ‘not being utilized in time,’ with the date label listed as the explanation.

According to Asda’s press release on 17/01/2023 The Asda Technical Manager, Microbiologist, and Product Manager have been undertaking rigorous food safety and quality tests to establish that existing recipes in those 28 lines, which sell around 455,000 units each week, are safe for those goods to be labeled with ‘Best Before’ dates.

Customers will see the label change on Asda natural yoghurt, Greek yoghurt, and Extra Special Strawberry and Hazelnut in the coming weeks.


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