Restrictions on Gift Cards in Carrefour China

According to Carrefour China, the limits on gift cards and product shortages are mostly the result of strategic changes made by the hypermarket chain operator, which is majority owned by Chinese retail giant Suning.Com, in response to supply chain challenges.

Carrefour According to The Beijing News, China was obliged to temporarily ban sales because strategic changes adopted in some locations fueled speculations of quitting the local market and scalpers speculating on gift cards.

It also said that during the spring deployment meeting, it was determined to provide clients integrated online and offline shopping and services. The firm is actively converting and upgrading to address difficulties and pushing a new supply chain model that incorporates distribution, agencies, and cooperatives.
Because of this, certain Carrefour stores are being upgraded and redecorated. First to receive its new model stores will be Shanghai and Beijing.

More and more products, including certain appliances from Suning, may now be purchased using a variety of payment options, including gift cards, according to Carrefour China. This is due to the ongoing modification of the supply chain.

According to Suning’s financial report, which was issued on Nov. 1, Carrefour had 151 stores in China as of Sept. 30 after 54 of them had shuttered in the year’s first three quarters. In the first half of 2022, Carrefour China’s net loss increased by about 14% to CNY662 million (USD98 million).


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