Mercadona joins forces with Repsol and Iberdrola and announces a major new feature in its shops

Mercadona is predicting new changes in its establishments. The chain presided over by Juan Roig will soon incorporate a very noticeable novelty in its shops, as a result of an alliance with Repsol and Iberdrola.

To make this possible, Mercadona has invested a sum amounting to 21 million euros, all of which has been earmarked to offer a new service to improve the customer experience. For the time being, some users can already benefit from this novelty that advocates electric vehicles.

Mercadona, with the intention of facilitating the inclusion of all vehicles, has invested a significant amount of money to implement semi-fast charging points in its car parks. And although the number of these is still unknown, it is estimated that the sum could reach 5,000 points. In this way, the chain would position itself as one of the largest private charging networks, both in Spain and in southern Europe.

While it is true that the company already has another 2,000, 100 of them have already been upgraded with a new and improved service that is adapted to the needs of its customers. These changes are expected to be progressively extended to all of the company’s outlets.

This improvement is part of its New Efficient Store Model Implantando, in which it plans for all its shops with parking to have this service. However, the objective has an estimated date, so we will still have to wait until 2024 to see it fully achieved.

In this way, the shops will have charging points with a speed up to 6 times faster than before. Whereas it was previously set at 3.7 kW, it will now cover a power output of up to 22 kW.


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