Generative AI: A Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity for Australia’s Retail Sector by 2030

In a world increasingly driven by technological advancements, Australia’s retail sector stands on the cusp of a transformative wave. A recent report, titled “Australia’s Generative AI Opportunity,” produced through a collaboration between Microsoft and the Tech Council of Australia, reveals that the responsible adoption of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) could contribute between $3 billion and $9 billion annually to the Australian retail sector by 2030. This groundbreaking revelation underlines the immense potential for growth, innovation, and enhanced customer experiences within the retail industry.

GAI’s Role in Reshaping Retail The retail sector is poised to reap substantial benefits from the adoption of GAI. This report demonstrates that GAI can streamline backend operations and enhance customer support, thereby optimizing business processes and improving the overall customer experience. With GAI automating a significant portion of the tasks performed by sales assistants, retail employees can invest more time in elevating customer experiences and refining products. In addition, GAI can enhance the productivity of customer support teams, fostering greater customer engagement and personalization of products.

The Benefits of Early Adoption One of the pioneering companies exploring the potential of GAI in the retail sector is the Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG). Adam Campbell, the Chief Financial Officer of FCTG, acknowledges that GAI offers the potential to significantly increase profitability while delivering a superior customer experience. By exploring various use cases for generative AI, FCTG aims to optimize processes, improve efficiency, and generate valuable insights. This not only promises substantial revenue and productivity gains but also a better service offering for customers across their multiple brands.

Kate Pounder, CEO of the Tech Council, highlights that the Australian retail industry is well-positioned to integrate generative AI into its digital platforms, especially after heavy investments in omnichannel capabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The adoption of GAI will benefit both innovative companies striving to stand out and customers seeking improved service and competitive pricing.

Building Trust and Responsibility Lee Hickin, Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft Australia and New Zealand, emphasizes the importance of fostering closer collaboration between industry and government to ensure responsible and beneficial adoption of GAI. Trust in this transformative technology is paramount, and this collaboration is critical to harnessing its innovative capabilities. By partnering with the Tech Council, Microsoft is dedicated to facilitating this partnership, enabling Australia to lead in the GAI landscape.

The Big Picture While the retail sector is a key beneficiary of GAI, the report identifies healthcare, manufacturing, and professional and financial services as the other three sectors that can also gain substantially from GAI adoption. The report outlines potential use cases and economic value for each of these sectors, showcasing the broad scope of GAI’s potential impact.

Strategic Actions for a Bright Future The report acknowledges that industry and government stand at a crucial juncture in GAI adoption. To capitalize on the economic benefits and become a global leader in GAI, closer collaboration is essential. Leveraging Australia’s comparative advantages, such as a highly skilled tech workforce, significant digital infrastructure investments, and widespread cloud computing adoption, is key to fostering this collaboration.

Moreover, the report identifies the barriers that need to be addressed, including technology capability, enterprise readiness, awareness and skills, and responsible AI governance. To overcome these challenges, the report outlines strategic actions, including defining the GAI opportunity and vision, assessing readiness, incentivizing adoption and innovation, upskilling the workforce, and developing responsible AI governance frameworks.

Australia’s retail sector has an incredible opportunity at its doorstep, one that promises not only economic growth but also improved customer experiences and enhanced innovation. By embracing GAI responsibly and collaboratively, the sector can pave the way for a bright and prosperous future. The journey has begun, and the destination is an economically thriving and technologically advanced retail industry.


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