Premium Perfection – Waitrose boosts its No. 1 range for food lovers

  • Waitrose is relaunching its premium No.1 range with nearly 200 new and improved products, making it the ultimate go-to for food lovers 
  • Now over 600 products in the No.1 range, with nearly a third being new or updated
  • Exciting new product innovation including No.1 Heather Honey Smoked Salmon, No.1 Pistachio Croissant and No.1 Salted Caramel Croissant Cups 

Food lovers can discover the very best Waitrose has to offer – and experience exceptional new flavours – with our new premium No.1 range.

Offering the very best in quality, taste and provenance, No.1 is the range for food lovers, with products which are too good just to save for a special occasion.

Over the coming months, Waitrose is introducing more than 130 new products to its No.1 range, including new delicious ready meals, dips, pasta & sauces, coffee, desserts, bakery treats, plus meat and fish which uphold our no.1 animal welfare standards*. 

New products include No.1 Heather Honey Smoked Salmon, infused with aromatic honey from bees that forage on the heather moors of Scotland; No.1 Wagyu Rib Eye Steak,; No.1 Croissant Cups made with churned creamy French butter; No.1 Best of British Berry Preserve, which boasts British strawberries and raspberries that have been hand-stirred to perfection; No.1 Pistachio Croissant with an indulgent creamy filling and a unique corbeille shape that can’t be found in any other supermarket; and No.1 Tomato & Vodka Sauce. In addition, over 40 products have been updated and improved, bringing the total range to over 600 products across all categories.

Maddy Wilson, Head of Own Brand & Innovation at Waitrose, said: “Our No.1 range is the ultimate brand for food lovers and we are so excited to be able to introduce some truly innovative new products as part of our relaunch. No.1 offers the very best in quality and taste and it is the go-to for those who appreciate excellence in every meal

“Personally, I’m really excited about our fresh No.1 Tomato & Vodka Pasta sauce. It’s made using juicy, full-flavoured Pomodorini cherry tomatoes, double cream and a dash of vodka and it’s perfect for a delicious, yet quick weeknight dinner, or even in a cheeky Bloody Mary at the weekend!”

Martyn Lee, Executive Chef at Waitrose, said: “Myself and the team are all incredibly proud of the No.1 relaunch. We’ve scoured the restaurant scene and explored the hottest trends across food and drink to create some incredible products for food lovers to enjoy, including Keralan-inspired Fish Curry, Truffle Houmous and a delicious Blonde Cream Liqueur. We’ve also worked hard on improving some of the products that we know our customers already love, to make them even better!

“The No.1 Salted Caramel Croissant Cups which use French churned butter and the No.1 Pistachio Croissant, with its unique corbeille shape that’s exclusive to Waitrose, have already been top snack hits in the innovation team meetings, and I’m sure that The Perfect Ploughman’s will become my lunchtime staple in no-time.”

As well as offering the very best in food, No.1 also caters those who love to sip something special, with the introduction of new spirits including the No.1 Blonde cream liqueur, a rich and indulgent drink inspired by the Waitrose No.1 Blonde Chocolate bar, and a fantastic selection of wines including the No.1 Côtes du Rhône Villages, which is made exclusively for Waitrose by esteemed producer Ferraton Père et Fils.

Customers will see No.1 products in a refreshed, even more premium packaging design, which is distinctly different from our core offer and will continue to stand out on the shelf. The new packaging has been created to ensure a premium feel for all the range and to reflect the high quality of the products inside. 

The relaunch of Waitrose No.1 follows a number of own brand launches, branded exclusives and partnerships which have already hit the shelves of Waitrose so far this year. This includes the much-celebrated range of sauces, pastes and spice blends from Ottolenghi, Wildfarmed bread, a collaboration with Tony’s Chocolonely, and the first in-store bakery from Gail’s. We’ve also had a variety of own-brand launches this year, most recently our AI-inspired summer range, expansion of our PlantLiving selection, and the launch of our Leckford Loaf – made with flour grown using regenerative farming practices.

Highlights from the range

Launching in June

No.1 Truffle Houmous (£2.85, 170g)

Our No.1 Truffle Houmous is a luxurious take on the classic dip, made with aromatic truffle flavour oil and topped with truffled chickpeas. 

Sicilian Lemon Meringue Pie (Frozen £6.50, 450g) 

Made with juicy Sicilian lemons and free range eggs, our No.1 Sicilian Lemon Meringue Pie combines buttery pastry with a tangy filling that complements the sweet meringue on top. Serve just as it comes, or with some fresh berries. 

Launching in July 

No.1 Heather Honey Smoked Salmon (£6.95, 100g) 

This smoked Scottish salmon is smoked in a traditional kiln over heather and oak. It’s infused with honey from bees which forage on the heather moors of Scotland, for a subtle sweetness that complements the rich, smoky fish. 

No.1 Double Chocolate Torte (£7.50, 575g)

Our No.1 Chocolate Torte is sheer chocolate heaven, made with dark, intense Dominican Republic cocoa and fresh British cream. Creamy chocolate mousse and a layer of velvety chocolate ganache contrast with the crunch of a chocolate biscuit crumb base, for a truly indulgent treat. Delicious just as it comes or with cherry compote and a drizzle of cream.

No.1 Pistachio Tiramisu (£6.50, 450g)

An elegant twist on the classic Italian dessert. Light Savoiardi sponge fingers are soaked in arabica coffee, then covered with a rich pistachio mousse made with velvety mascarpone and free range eggs, and topped with pistachio nibs. Delicious just as it comes, or with juicy fresh figs.

No.1 Sicilian Lemon & Mascarpone Cheesecake (£6.50, 580g)

A luxurious treat. A zingy Sicilian lemon curd centre hides inside rich, creamy mascarpone cheesecake, all on a crisp digestive biscuit base, made with nutty brown butter. It’s hand-finished with shreds of candied lemon peel. Delicious just as it comes, or with fresh raspberries and a sprig of mint.

No.1 The King of Prawn Cocktails (£4.95)

Our No.1 Prawn Cocktail sandwich is a luxurious take on the classic favourite, with succulent cold water prawns and meaty king prawns – The King of Prawn Cocktails. The creamy Marie Rose sauce gets an extra kick of flavour from a dash of Cognac and a hint of anchovy, and it’s served on oat and barley bread. 

No.1 The Perfect Ploughman’s (£4.95)

Our No. 1 Cheddar Ploughman’s sandwich is a feast of flavours, made with Cornish Quartz Cheddar that’s typically matured for 700 days to develop a rich, complex taste and signature crunch. It’s complemented by roasted butternut squash, fresh spinach and a spiced tomato and caramelised onion chutney, and served on nutty-tasting malted bread.

No.1 The Classic Deli Mozzarella, Salami & Pesto (£4.95)

Our No.1 Salami, Pesto & Mozzarella sandwich is a feast of Italian deli flavours. Salami Milano, made in Italy to a 100 year old recipe, meets creamy mozzarella, juicy plum tomatoes and a fragrant garlic and basil pesto, all served on oat and barley bread.

No.1 Mafaldine Pasta (£2.75, 500g)

Our No.1 Mafaldine Pasta is made at a family-owned company in the foothills of the Apennine Mountains of Campania with 100% Italian durum wheat that they mill themselves. It’s shaped using traditional bronze dies for a slightly roughened texture which holds more sauce, and slowly dried to capture the flavour of the semolina. 

No.1 Hand-Stretched Black Truffle Grissini Breadsticks (£2.25, 130g)

Our No.1 Black Truffle Grissini Breadsticks come from a small bakery in the Liguria region of Italy, run by two brothers. They’re made in small batches and hand stretched, with extra virgin oil and black truffle. Delicious with a cool glass of Chablis.


No.1 Tomato & Vodka Pasta Sauce (£3.50, 300g)

Our fresh No.1 Tomato & Vodka Pasta Sauce is inspired by the classic Italian trattoria dish, rigatoni alla vodka. Rich and indulgent, it’s made with juicy, full-flavoured Pomodorini cherry tomatoes, double cream and a dash of vodka. 

No.1 Salted Caramel Croissant Cup (£3.50, pack of two)

Our No.1 Salted Caramel Croissant Cups are made with crisp, flaky, irresistibly buttery pastry, prepared with French butter and French flour. They’re filled with rich salted caramel made with Sel de Guerande and finished with a sprinkling of crunchy crystallised sugar. 

No.1 Cinnamon Croissant Cups (£3.50, pack of two)

Our Croissant Cups are made with crisp, flaky, irresistibly buttery pastry, prepared with French butter and French flour. They’re filled with cinnamon and finished with a sprinkling of crunchy crystallised sugar.

No.1 Best of British Berry Preserve (£3.00, 320g)

Our No.1 Best of British Berry Preserve is bursting with sweet, tangy British strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blackcurrants. It’s made in small batches, stirred by hand in open pans – the next best thing to homemade. Delicious on scones with a spoonful of cream.


No.1 Free Range Sweet & Smoked Ham (£4, 100g)

This ham is made with prime cuts of British pork from free range pigs. It’s cherrywood smoked, made with no added water and cooked in black treacle to enhance the natural flavours of the ham. Delicious with chunky chips and a fried egg! 

No.1 Brie & Mature Cheddar Potato Dauphinoise Pie (£4.50, 500g)

Our No.1 Two-Cheese Potato Dauphinoise Pie elevates the cheese and potato pie to a luxurious treat, with layers of creamy mature Cheddar sauce, tender potato slices and pieces of Brie in a crumbly puff pastry case. It’s hand topped with a cheese and crispy onion crumb. 

No.1 British Free range Wild Garlic Pork Sausages (£4.50, pack of six)

Our No.1 Free Range Wild Garlic Pork Sausages are made with British pork, from pigs sired by pedigree Hampshire boars, a breed renowned for tender, well flavoured meat. Properly meaty, they’re seasoned with wild garlic, thyme, sage, basil and parsley. 

No.1 Chicken, Mushroom & Champagne Pie (700g)

Our No.1 Chicken, Mushroom & Champagne Pie is an indulgent treat, with tender pieces of chicken thigh and breast in a creamy sauce made with our Champagne and Parmigiano Reggiano, paired with mushrooms, and topped with creamy mashed potatoes. 

No.1 Blonde Feuilletine Truffles (£6.50, 120g)

Our No.1 Blonde Feuilletine Truffles are something special, combining the mellow caramel notes of our own Waitrose No.1 blonde chocolate, with sweet, crunchy feuilletine. A little fleur de sel balances the sweetness and makes them irresistibly moreish.

No.1 Special Edition Box (£10)

Our No.1 The Special Edition Box is a limited edition of luxurious chocolates with deliciously imaginative centres inspired by the flavours of autumn and winter: Spiced Caramel, Ginger Caramel, Espresso Praline and Praline, Orange & Cinnamon. They’re covered in smooth, velvety single origin milk and dark chocolate and Italian blonde chocolate.

No.1 Italian Brittle with Chocolate (£4.50, 120g)

Our No.1 Italian Chocolate Brittle is an Italian speciality, made for us by third generation family confectioners. The selection contains three crunchy shards of caramel wrapped in dark chocolate sprinkled with raspberries, milk chocolate sprinkled with caramel pieces and white chocolate sprinkled with pistachios. Great as a gift, or to serve with after dinner coffee.

No.1 India Monsoon Malabar Coffee Beans (£4, 227g)

Unique to the lush Malabar coast, India’s wettest region, the selected, graded beans are exposed to the moisture-laden monsoon winds between June-Sept. The beans absorb the moisture, becoming larger and pale golden in colour, developing the coffee’s distinct flavours.


No.1 Pistachio Croissant (£1.75)

All butter Croissant in a unique ‘corbeille’ shape, with an indulgent pistachio filling, covered with nibbed pistachios – each freshly baked in-store. 


No.1 Côtes du Rhône Villages (£12.99)

Made exclusively for Waitrose & Partners by Ferraton Père et Fils, a highly esteemed producer, established in 1946 and known for dedication to quality and sustainability. 

Juicy berry and bramble flavours from Grenache and Syrah are complemented by a hint of wild herbs, a smooth texture and a fresh, fruity finish. Perfect with pasta, stews or sausages. 

No.1 Barossa Valley Seven Generations Shiraz Reserve (£13.99)

Made exclusively for Waitrose & Partners by the seventh-generation Lindner family, this is a masterful blend from twelve grape-growing families and nine of Barossa’s best-known parishes.

Bold and rich, this has characterful and intense fruit flavours complemented by French and American oak maturation. There’s also an elegance to counterbalance the abundant juicy fruit. It expresses all the heritage and expertise Barossa offers, with ripeness and spicy fruit, making it the ideal accompaniment to steak, sausages, or roasted aubergines and peppers.

No.1 Albariño (£13.99)

Made exclusively for Waitrose & Partners by Bodegas La Val, from some of the most prestigious vineyards along the River Miño. This is an elegant and refined wine, expressing the best characteristics of the variety. There are refreshing flavours of ripe zesty citrus, stone fruit and flower blossom, without oak influence. There’s a gentle coastal character which compliments fish dishes and green salads.

No.1 Saint-Emilion (£21.99)

Made exclusively for Waitrose & Partners by Maison Ginestet, a wine merchant specialising in Bordeaux fine wines, with a rich history dating back to 1897. From carefully selected vineyard plots, this wine expresses the depth of fruit, elegance and structure of a typical Saint-Émilion. Rich bramble and plum fruit notes are underpinned by herbs, alongside baking spices, chocolate and cedar from expert oak-ageing. Luxurious and elegant, this would be ideal with steak, but also perfect with cheeses or a Sunday roast.

No.1 Margaux (£24.99)

Made exclusively for Waitrose & Partners by the historic Maison Sichel, a family-run business with ancient roots across Europe. This Margaux has finesse and elegance alongside opulent fruit and harmonious balance. There’s a poised concentration of ripe blackberry and cassis flavours with refined notes of cedar and tobacco. Silky tannins support a long, lingering finish. Drinking well now but still youthful and with the ability to develop in-bottle for years to come. Enjoy with an indulgent Wellington or herbed rack of lamb with mint or cranberry sauce.

No.1 Douro White (£12.99)

Made exclusively for Waitrose & Partners by the exceptional team at La Rosa under third generation owner Sophia Bergqvist and winemaker Jorge Moreira. The stunning and steep Douro Valley vineyards produce exceptional table wines. Using grapes from their higher altitude vineyards in the Cima Corgo and Douro Superior, this wine is a blend of local varieties in a fresh, lightly aromatic style with citrus and white fruit aromas. Try with charcuterie and soft cheeses, or even with a spicy fish stew.

No.1 Gigondas (£22.99)

Made exclusively for Waitrose & Partners by Gabriel Meffre, a family business rooted in Gigondas, committed to respecting the traditions of the region, while also driving innovation. Gigondas is a patchwork of different soils enabling the winemaker, Pascale Abadie, to balance dense, ripe, red fruit character with a natural freshness from the organic vineyards. This is all underpinned with velvety tannins from subtle oak, giving a hint of spice and wild herbs on the elegant finish. Try with grilled lamb or stuffed mushrooms.

No.1 Chablis (£18.99) 

Made exclusively for Waitrose & Partners by J Moreau & Fils, the oldest ‘house’ in Chablis, with a heritage dating back as far as 1814. 

Crafted by winemaker Lucie Depuydt with our buyer, this is a classic, elegant Chardonnay with a bright mineral streak and zesty citrus notes, with some more peachy weight from ten months ‘on the lees’ and delicate apple blossom aromas. Generous and yet brilliantly fresh, it’s ideal with sushi or cheese salads.

No.1 Beaujolais Villages (£13.99)

Made exclusively for Waitrose & Partners by Mommessin, a producer committed to promoting the excellence of the Gamay grape. Fresh and fruity, this wine has all the red berry character expected from the variety, along with a hint of spice. Winemaker Florent Georger selects grapes from vines grown only on the ancient granite soils of Beaujolais, which contribute to this wine’s elegance and finesse. Delicious served slightly chilled, with charcuterie and cheeses. 

No.1 Gruner Veltliner (£11.99)

Made exclusively for Waitrose & Partners by the talented Markus Huber, at his family-run winery in the Traisental Valley. Elegant, fruity and refreshing, this is a single estate Grüner Veltliner with notes of crisp green apple as well as richer tropical fruit flavours and a light twist of characteristic spice. This is a brilliantly versatile wine with food; try with a peppery rocket salad, grilled fish or paired with aromatic Asian flavours. 


No.1 Amaretto Morello Cherry Sour (£18.00)

Made exclusively for Waitrose & Partners, this small batch ready to serve Amaretto cherry sour combines rich Morello cherry infusion, apricot infusion and a zesty squeeze of lemon concentrated juice.

To serve, pour 100 ml of No.1 Amaretto Cherry Sour into a shaker filled with ice, shake for 20 seconds and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a lemon twist and cherry.

No.1 Blonde cream liqueur (£14.00)

Our No.1 Blonde Chocolate Flavour Cream Liqueur is inspired by the Waitrose No. 1 Blonde Chocolate bar. It’s rich and indulgent, with luscious notes of caramelised white chocolate. Delicious chilled or over ice, or try it poured over ice cream for a grown-up dessert.

No.1 French Grain Vodka (£25.00)

A superbly smooth vodka made with French grain spirit and a touch of fleur de sel. Perfect for a classic martini: stir 75ml No.1 French Grain Vodka and 25ml dry vermouth with ice, strain and pour into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a twist of lemon peel or an olive.

No.1 Vesper Martini (£18.00)

Our take on the cocktail invented by Ian Fleming as James Bond’s signature drink. Clean and crisp with notes of lemon and orange, cinnamon and cloves. To serve, pour 100 ml of No.1 Vesper Martini into a shaker filled with ice, shake for 20 seconds and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a twist of lemon peel. 


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