Happy Thanksgiving – more UK households are set to celebrate the holiday for 2021

Happy Thanksgiving – more UK households are set to celebrate the holiday for 2021

More UK households will celebrate Thanksgiving this year, according to sales and search data from Waitrose, and although turkey has traditionally taken a leading role, this year side dishes will take centre stage as dining tables around the country are set to merge British and American cuisines.

Sales of Thanksgiving products are up 12% year on year at Waitrose, and turkey sales are up 6% for the same period. Demand for American side dishes has also increased, with searches for sweet potato mash and mac and cheese up 90% and 45% respectively month on month, searches for pumpkin pieup over 60% in the last month, and cranberry jelly up 38% in the same period. Warming autumnal cocktails will be seen on Thanksgiving tables too, with searches for Warm spiced apple punch up 83% and Hot gin punch searches seeing an increase of 116%. 

Waitrose says; “We predict Thanksgiving will be more popular than ever this year, as the 25th November marks the start of festive family celebrations.  A traditional Thanksgiving meal includes side dishes not normally served together, harking back to the days of ‘pot luck’ dinners, where guests were all invited to bring a dish, often resulting in an unusual mix of sweet and savoury flavours.

“Home cooks are becoming more adventurous and this is the perfect opportunity to treat friends and family to splendid side dishes.”


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