Exhibition The Scent of Colour by Humos Natural Perfumer;

Olfactory Art Exhibition Pays Homage to Rare Neurological Phenomenon Now Open

The Scent of Colour: A Social Exploration is an olfactory art exhibition that explores the link between colours and scents, paying homage to the rare neurological phenomenon, synaesthesia, where the senses cross wires allowing individuals to experience the world differently, such as smelling colour or seeing sounds. 

Currently running until December 4th 2022, guests will have the opportunity to smell, see and explore colour through the lens of a synesthete using the unique medium of olfactive art.

After collecting data from local residents and combining with his own research, HUMOS head perfumer, Gabriel De Carvalho presents his latest olfactory art exhibition at his studio and showroom on Church Road, Caversham, Reading. 

He will be on hand to answer questions during the interactive sensory experience. Guests can expect their eyes and nose to work in harmony with results that may be surprising. 

The Scent of Colour: A Social Exploration takes place at HUMOS, 5 Church Road, Reading RG4 7AA, runs until 04/12/2022 and is open Wednesday to Friday from 12pm to 5pm, Saturday from 11am to 4pm and Sunday from 12pm to 3pm. Maximum capacity at any one time is 9 persons. Admission is free. Masks not required.


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