New designer brands are added to Target’s retail outlets.

Over the years, Target has collaborated with a variety of branding partners, and switching up the partners is only one way the retail company keeps its fashions current.

Target’s goal, if you excuse the pun, was to develop innovative methods to provide high-end apparel at affordable costs because it realized it couldn’t compete with Walmart on pricing. Since 1999, Graves and Target have collaborated, and this has permanently altered Target’s operations.

Target now often collaborates with various branding and fashion designers to provide them with fresh, high-end looks that are updated frequently.

With the help of stylist and New York-based fashion editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, Target is launching its second Future Collective. ” Her distinctive clothing features patterns that combine abstract prints, textures, brilliant, vibrant hues, and subtle, eye-catching neutral color suggestions” according to Target.

The approximately 100-item Karefa-Johnson collection for Target includes dresses, skirts, coats, pants, and matching outfit sets. The collection’s sizes, which range from XXS to 4X, accommodate bodies of all shapes and sizes. The collection will have prices between $10 and $50 when it debuts in January 2023.

In order to provide clients with new, contemporary designs, Target intends to collaborate with each designer three to four times, with each collection being sold for a period of four months. Customers are drawn in by the department store floor’s changing appearance and the knowledge that these fashions are only on sale for a short while thanks to the rotation of fashion influencers.


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