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2nd June 2023

Leers- Auchan offers homework help to customers’ children

auchan Leers

The Auchan supermarket in Leers has teamed up with the company O2 to offer homework help to their customers’ children on the next four Wednesdays.

It’s an experiment that will annoy some people and help others. Since this Wednesday, Auchan is testing the implementation of a new service in its supermarket in Leers, in partnership with the personal assistance company O2: the supermarket group proposes to help children with their homework while their parents do their shopping.
“In groups of no more than 12 children and for one hour, primary and secondary school pupils will be accompanied by two educational facilitators and will benefit from specific teaching methods developed by O2”, announced Auchan Retail France in a press release. The stated aim is to enable parents to “optimise this shopping time while gaining peace of mind regarding their children’s schooling”.