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7th June 2023


By the end of February, Tesco plans to roll out its express delivery service, Whoosh, to 800 locations.

The top retailer originally introduced the service in 2021 and has since expanded it to 600 locations across the UK, promising customers goods in as little as 30 minutes.

For the following two weeks, Tesco will expand its present network of outlets by 200 more.

Woosh does not have a minimum spend requirement, although delivery is currently priced at £2.99 and incurs an additional £2 fee for baskets under £15.

To encourage more people to shop online, the large supermarket chain last year reduced its delivery fees from £5 for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

80 products are available through Tesco’s quick delivery service, including items from its premium line and alcohol, as well as fruit and vegetable, evening meal, and daily necessities like butter, milk, and eggs.

In an effort to speed up Whoosh deliveries, Tesco increased its cooperation with tech logistics firm Stuart in October.

After the collaboration’s efforts, more than 90% of online orders placed through the service are delivered in under 30 minutes, and 99% are delivered inside the promised one-hour limit.