Germany- “E24/7” fully automated store at Edeka

The cutting-edge in-store technology, RetailCX, developed by KNAPP, enabled the opening of the new concept shop.

EDEKA Südwest, the second-largest regional business in the German EDEKA network, is the operator.

The compact, fully automated supermarket operated by EDEKA Südwest sells a broad selection of local cuisine and pharmacy items.

Customers may choose products to buy using two in-store terminals or a handy mobile app. Payment is made electronically using a bank or credit card.

Age verification is necessary while buying alcoholic beverages. The customer’s ID card is scanned for this reason.

After a customer places an order, a robot retrieves the requested items from the shelf and displays them in the store window for pickup.

The in-store technology from KNAPP has several benefits for merchants. Scalable vending machines act as storage facilities and production spaces. They thus demand up to 70% less storage space.

Additionally, they always offer a current inventory overview due to integrated documentation.

The sales crew is relieved of regular duties like the storing of new items via RetailCX. The items are simple to load onto a conveyor belt after delivery. To save space, the robot arm automatically records and stores them by reading bar codes.


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